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Munich, Germany.
Wroclaw, Poland.
Malmo, Sweden.
Occasionally other places.

I am an interaction designer with a knack for analytic thinking and passion for machine learning. My interests include technology, future, buildings, plants, shapes, feelings.

I spend my days crafting digital experiences at IDEO, with focus on UI and AI. All my work is confidential.



I am looking for opportunities to work with digital transformation strategies, new digital products and emerging technologies, especially human-centred applications of AI, IoT, affective computing, mixed reality, and responsive environments.

CHI’19 Glasgow. Emerging perspectives in Human-Centred Machine Learning workshop. Poster presentation and position paper. 04-09 May 2019.




Hacking Machine Learning. Event at Stylight, Munich. 2019. Invited talk: Machine Learning as a Design Material.

Interaction Awards 2019. Digital Body Language Winner in Expressing category. Shortlisted in Engaging category.

Push Conference 2018. Munich. Exhibiting installation based on Digital Body Language.

IDEO. Munich office of a global design and innovation company, pioneers of human-centred design.

NordiCHI’18 Oslo. Digital Body Language Demo. Publication: Digital Body Language: Exploration of Corporal Expression in Digitally Mediated Written Communication.

CHI’18 Montreal. Shortlisted for Student Research Comptetition. Poster presentation. Publication: Silly Lamp. Study of a Relationship with Engaging Machine Learning Artefacts.

Huge Inc. London office of one of the top digital agencies in the world, famous for their user centric process.

Living Archives Research Project. Collaborated for Story Map, 10 week long co-design project on archiving refugees’ stories, and freelancing for Openness publication.

Sider’17 Delft. Paper presentation. Publication: Designing for multimodality. Search for new contexts in digitally mediated written communication.

FIMECC Innovation Camp ’15 Tampere. 1st place in TANA case category.

SkyGate. Polish software house creating brands, websites, and web apps for startups and corporations.

Book: Vibrant solutions for Baltic cities, ISCOCARP 2015. Chapter co-author: Measuring the immeasurable: re-articulation of Baltic coastal districts’ identities.

Grab a coffee.

Malmo, Sweden.
Copenhagen, Denmark.
Wroclaw, Poland.
Occasionally other places.

Why not say

I would love to hear from you
whether to talk about my projects,
my research, your ideas or
just about life. Let’s talk.

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