Communication Design.

As a transition between Architecture and Interaction Design, I have done a year long program in Communication Design that covered theory of communication and real-world challenges. One of the hardest projects I worked on was Corporate Identity for an NGO dealing with autism spectrum. In a team we proposed a re-branding based on positivity and inclusion, corporate communication texts and patchworked visual identity.


During years of being active in Board of European Students of Technology, I have learned how to collaborate in multicultural groups. We worked on over a dozen projects in four countries, and attended trainings in project management, team building, facilitation, and feedback. Now I collaborate for private projects - like a social initiative I started with my friend Wiktor, that engaged art galleries, newspapers and locals from the most troublesome neighbourhood in Wroclaw.

Public speaking.

If you meet me, you will see (or rather hear) that I am quite a talker. Maybe that is why I like giving presentations and a crowd (or couple of important stakeholders) do not scare me. Publicly you could hear me talk about my projects at SIDeR or CHI.


Even though I am not a native speaker, by some bizarre set of circumstances I have earned money by writing - as a Digital Ambassador for Swedish Institute, and teaching assistant for academic writing at Malmö University. So far I published a few articles on design research, and I even had a shot at UX writing during one of my projects at Huge.