Digital Body Language

Digital Body Language

Interaction Award’19 Winner, Digital Body Language is a text processor that integrates the dynamics of the writing process, pre-reflective “body language”, into digitally mediated written communication, detecting different typing behaviours and translating them into typographical distortions. Initially created as a passion project in form of conference installation, after being exhibited at NordiCHI’18 and Push Conference, it was trasnformed into a web-browser experience you can try here (Chrome only).



Whereas face-to-face interaction is easily recognised as rich and multimodal with diversified sets of semiotic resources such as tone of voice, body movements or setting of the action, multimodality of interaction is an often neglected topic when it comes to digitally mediated written communication. DLB sets to explore a question of Which characteristics of interactions with technology could open the design space for a new context, that could be perceived and processed simultaneously and interdependently with language?



This is an ongoing personal side-project that is fuelled by our love for technology and art.  It aims to start discussion in the HCI community on multimodality in interaction design, and spark reflection in the general public on the topic of digitally mediated communication.



Exhibitions: NordiCHI’18 Oslo, Push’18 Munich.

Publications: SIDeR’17, NordiCHI’18.

Awards: Interaction Award’18 winner Expressing category, shortlisted in Engaging category.




  • Tore Knudsen
  • Bianca Di Giovanni
  • 2018

My role

  • Interaction Designer