Current professional work


After graduating with Master’s Degree in Interaction Design from Malmo University, I have joined IDEO Munich – a German studio of a global design and innovation consultancy, that have become famous from their human-centred process and the notion of Design Thinking.

My first project revolved around catalysing change in an organisation. As the interaction designer on the team, I designed and deployed a website, as well as took part in communicating project development digitally, building physical artefacts and client presentations.

Between projects I have teamed up with fantastic Grishma Rao to do a series of AI experiments on augmenting creative spaces, like a listening room that creates abstract images based on the ongoing conversations to prompt new brainstorming directions. We then shared gathered knowledge on prototyping with machine learning with entire studio.

My current project revolves around conversational interfaces. I am involved in deep qualitative research, visual design, prototyping, developing user journey, and creating proof-of-concept experience.

Unfortunately, all my work is confidential. You can read more about the kind of work IDEO delivers here.