TEDx website

landing page for TEDx Wroclaw event

I was offered to join SkyGate after I attended a landing page workshop at their office and, surely enough, my first task at the job was to design a landing page. In collaboration with designers and developers in agile methodology we designed and launched a webpage for TEDx Wroclaw. We started with launching a teaser, went on to a MVP and then built on with the sections as the time passed.



Coming up with a strategy to build up attention for the upcoming event. Designing a landing for optimised conversion. Designing, launching and maintaining the product in scrum framework.



Building up the attention through interactive game teaser that initially ties to Facebook to build presence in social media. With a social media countdown uncover the Minimal Viable Product that grows the content on weekly basis. The phases of product growth aiming to respectively: gather attention, inform about the event, sell tickets, support the experience during the event.


  • Jaroslaw Morawski
  • Anna-Maria Woroniecka
  • 5 weeks
  • 2016

My role

  • UX/UI